The Worst Generation is a term that refers to the eleven top rookie pirates, with bounties over 100,000,000 Beli who arrived in the Sabaody Archipelago before the Whitebeard War (whom are denoted as the Eleven Supernovas), along with the Four Emperors, Blackbeard. They are known as such, since most of the major conflicts that have occurred during their rookie year and after the Battle of Marineford seem to revolve around them. As is the case, they are regarded as "problem children" who appeared between the end of the Golden Age of Pirates and the beginning of the New Age.


With the exception of the Straw Hat Pirates, most Supernovas attempted to avoid the paths of the World Nobles. Coincidentally, all the Supernovas arrived on the Sabaody Archipelago at the same time which caused a series of issues for the Marines. In addition, all of them, except for the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates, entered the New World almost simultaneously. Teach and his crew, on the other hand, were already in the New World by the time the rookies were making preparations.

Of the eleven, all but two (Roronoa Zoro and Killer) are Devil Fruit users as well as captains of their respective crews.


Members' ProfileEdit

Name Origin Affiliation Bounty Powers, Abilities and Weapons Epithet
Monkey D. Luffy East Blue 400,000,000 Beli "Straw Hat"
Trafalgar Law North Blue 440,000,000 Beli
  • Kikoku
  • Op-Op Fruit
  • Haki
"Surgeon of Death"
Eustass Kid South Blue
  • Captain of the Kid Pirates
  • Allied with the On Air Pirates and Hawkins Pirates
470,000,000 Beli "Captain"
Scratchmen Appo Grand Line
  • Captain of the On Air Pirates
  • Allied with the Kid Pirates and Hawkins Pirates
350,000,000 Beli Paramecia Devil Fruit power that uses sound waves as a weapon by transforming different body parts into musical instruments. "Roar of the Sea"
Basil Hawkins North Blue
  • Captain of the Hawkins Pirates
  • Allied with the Kid Pirates and On Air Pirates
320,000,000 Beli "Magician"
Capone Bege West Blue
  • Captain of the Firetank Pirates
300,000,000 Beli "Gang"
X Drake North Blue
  • Captain of the Drake Pirates
  • Former Marine Rear Admiral
  • Former Members of the Barrels Pirates
222,000,000 Beli "Red Flag"
Killer South Blue

Fighter of the Kid Pirates

200,000,000 Beli
  • Impressive Acrobatic Skill
  • Rotating Sickle Gauntlets
"Massacre Soldier"
Jewelry Bonney South Blue

Captain of the Bonney Pirates

140,000,000 Beli Paramecia Devil Fruit power that manipulates the age of any person, including herself. "Big Eater"
Roronoa Zoro East Blue 120,000,000 Beli "Pirate Hunter"
Urouge Sky Island

Captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates

108,000,000 Beli
  • Giant Pillar Weapon
  • Great Physical Strength
  • Unnamed Devil Fruit power that heavily expands muscles rapidly.
"Mad Monk"
Marshall D. Teach Unknown Unknown "Blackbeard"

Worst Generation CandidatesEdit


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