The White Wolf Style is a unique, animal-themed fighting style unique only to Blizzard, the Straw Hat Pirates's Guard Dog.


  • Users: Blizzard
  • Fighting Style Focus: Fangs, Claws, Tail, Head, Haki


  • X-Fang: Blizzard shoots out an "X"-shaped air compressed bite from his mouth at his opponent. This makes up for a powerful, long-ranged attack.
  • Twister Fang: Blizzard charges forward and spins around like a spinning top, diving his fangs into the stomach of his target and making his bite more effective.
    • Iron Fang Twister: A Haki enhanced version of the standard "Twister Fang".
  • Bullet Fang: Using his hind legs for extra speed, Blizzard moves at high speeds like the shot of a bullet, heavily damaging his foe with a swift but crushing bite.
  • Fang Piledriver: Blizzard grabs his opponent in the air and delivers a spinning dive, similar to a wrestler's own piledriver technique, and slams his opponent into the ground, creating a powerful shockwave in the process.
  • Cracker: Blizzard runs at full speed and delivers a headbutt to his opponent's head, cracking their skull wide open.
  • Steel Fang: By coating his fangs with Armament Haki, Blizzard's biting force is mych stronger than normal.
  • Steel Claw: By coating his claws with Armament Haki, Blizzard's claws deliver more damage than normal.
  • 1000 Pound Pressure Fang: Through the use of Armament Haki, Blizzard's 500 pound biting force is twice as strong as when he bites one opponent, it causes a powerful shockwave that impacts the ground and other people caught within the attack range.
  • Hellhound Fang: Blizzard's strongest technique after the timeskip. After coating his fangs with Armament Haki and igniting them in flames, Blizzard bites down on his target with enough force to generate a heat explosion on contact.
    • Hellhound Infernal Blast: Like the Hellhound Fang, only far stronger when Blizzard increases the flames within his Haki-imbued fangs that can also cause a large shockwave that extends to several meters.
  • Eye of the Hellhound: A sub-type version of Conqueror's Haki that Blizzard developed on his own. By turning his irises red, Blizzard can knock out a large group that leaves then incapacitated for three days. However, due to him still getting use to it, it leaves the wolfdog a bit fatigued and staggered.