Two Sword Style is another related technique that Roronoa Zoro developed over the course of his journey, when in situations where his techniques have had to adapt for one reason or another.


Two Sword Style AttacksEdit

  • Hawk Wave: While airborne, creates a powerful gust of wind to knock opponents over.
  • Rhino Rampage: Zoro holds his swords in front of him pointing up, like rhinoceros horns, and spins quickly.
  • Two-Sword Style Sword Draw: Rashomon: A dual sword drawing technique so powerful that it can split large obstacles in half. Zoro draws his swords, and sheathes them quickly, able to split two train carriages in half.
  • 72 Caliber Phoenix: Same principle as the 36 Caliber Phoenix. Holding his two swords horizontally above the shoulder, Zoro then performs a circular swing that launches two air compressed projectiles spiraling towards the target instead of one, making it twice as powerful.
    • 720 Caliber Phoenix: A stronger version of his 72 Caliber Phoenix.
  • Nigiri (Double Slash): A stance where two swords are held parallel so that the tips are pointing to his right or left side, this stance is necessary to perform:
    • Tower Climb: Two air-based projectile slashes are sent upwards while jumping as Zoro swings his swords in an upward motion.
    • Tower Climb Return: Two air-based projectile slashes are sent downwards while falling as Zoro swings his swords downwards, with the gravity complimenting the force of the attack.


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