Insert the name, chapter number, and series up here in one sentence.

In this section, add a small sentence that describes the chapter overall.


  • Airdate: Date the chapter is published
  • Chapter: Each chapter by number
  • Previous Chapter: Last chapter read
  • Next Chapter: Next chapter to read


The summary/description about the chapter in "FanFiction" format based on the story of "Saint Seiya Omega: Ryūsei" by Superior-Creativity (someone I admire by his fanfiction work).

  • For honorifics, use "-san", "-sama", "-kun", "-chan", "-senpai", "-sensei", and any family honorifics, in japanese language.
  • For character designs/outfits, objects and location layouts, describe them based on your ideas and anime/real world things.
  • For techniques, use: "{attack name}!" in bold in a number of paragraphs based on each character using one.
  • For a character's thoughts and flashbacks, use "" in italic format.

Other Standard FormatsEdit

Character Profiles


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