The Shigure (Rain in Late Autumn) is one of the Wazamono Grade Swords. It currently belongs to Captain Tashigi of the Marines.



Shigure is a normal katana with a green handle and a guard with a four-petaled design. The blade itself is normal. The sheath is elaborate, with the first half with a green and bumpy design, while the second half is white and smooth. There are circular designs embedded on the entire sheath.

After the time-skip, its petals became more rounded in appearance.


Little can be said about Shigure, as not much of it has been shown in action. It is clearly a strong sword, as it is able to resist the impact of a cannonball and deflect it, also thanks to Tashigi's skill in wielding it.


  • Kiri Shigure (Cutting Autumn Rain): Tashigi swings her sword and cuts her enemy holding her Shigure with two hands over her back. Its name comes from her sword Shigure.

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