The Sala-Sala Fruit: Axolotl Model is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to turn into an axolotl hybrid and a full axolotl at will. It was "eaten" by Smiley, but with his death the fruit has returned into circulation.



  • "Sala" is short for "salamander".


The Sala-Sala Fruit: Axolotl Model comes in the form of an apple, as it was reborn amongst a bag of apples nearby Smiley's death site. It is a rather small, round fruit, with a swirl pattern. A little curly stem grows out of the top.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Due to it being a Zoan type fruit, the Sala-Sala Fruit gives the once-inanimate user sentience and allows it to move, actions that would normally be impossible for Smiley, who is little more than a blob of condensed gas.

Being a Devil Fruit power, it grants the user it created the standard weaknesses of that of a Devil Fruit; this also creates an instinctive fear of water for Smiley, which is ironic, since real-life axolotls are gilled amphibians that need water to live.


Smiley is seen using its powers for movement and transforming into an alternate form that suits the situation, such as after Kin'emon slashed off globs of Smiley. Its sentience is also preserved within pieces the main body may separate from itself, as seen when Smiley launched over many smaller pieces of itself across the lake of Punk Hazard, all of which displayed the same degree of independent thought and reacting to their surroundings as the main body would have.


  • An Axolotl is a kind of salamander native to a few lakes in central Mexico. Its name means "water monster" in the Nahuatl language.
  • This is the first Zoan-type fruit based on an amphibious species, which is an oddity given that Devil Fruit users have a weakness towards water. This model is particularly odd since, unless they are artificially induced to undergo metamorphosis, axolotls remain aquatic their whole lives.
  • It is also the first Devil Fruit seen to be reborn after the user died, being reformed out of a normal fruit as a base. However, this is only the third Devil Fruit whose user died.

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