Ice Magic is a Caster Magic that utilizes the element of ice.



Ice Magic allows the user to manipulate or create the element of ice. Little is known about Ice Magic, as there have only been a few spells used so far, such as Iced Shell, which requires the user to give up their body and transform into ice.


Gray's SpellsEdit

  • Iced Shell: Iced Shell is a technique that uses the spirit and the physical body of the user to freeze the target into a block of ice. It is virtually unmeltable as it is not made of just typical ice. It channels the user's body into the form of ice, destroying their body in the process. As explained by Gray, the Caster is not "dead" but alive in the form of ice. Due to this, even Ultear could not use her Lost Magic, Arc of Time, to reverse it as it was a living thing and therefore could not be reversed or advanced through time. It is shown to be extremely durable as it did not melt for about 10 years, though Ur stated it can stay the same for all eternity. It also seems that because the ice itself is made up from the spirit and body of the caster, the target is gradually worn away by the ice encasing it. The main difference between this and Ice-Make is that the hands must make an "X" sign (The right arm is above the left arm. The right palm facing down; left palm is facing up). The user can send out a clone, and have the clone use Iced shell. Currently, the only known method of melting the Iced Shell is with a Moon Drip, itself a lengthy, time consuming process.
  • Ice Execution:


Ice-Make: A variation of Ice Magic and a type of Molding Magic involving the creation of objects using ice.

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