The Gate of the Giant Crab Key is one of the twelve Zodiac Gate keys used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Giant Crab, Cancer.
Cancer Key


The key is a golden Celestial Spirit Key, with the center of the bow being white, stamped with the crest of the Giant Crab, colored in maroon, and two spikes sprouting from each side. The base of the bow is sculpted similar to that of the head of a crab while the top is that of a crab's pincer. The blade of the key ends with a crab shaped design, with four legs sprouting out of each side and the tip designed with two pincers.


While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Giant Crab Cancer by reciting the quote, "Open the Gate of the Giant Crab! Cancer!". This summons Cancer, a man carrying two pairs of scissors that can be used to attack the opponents as well as design hairstyles.