This article covers the different beverages found within the series.


Alcohol are types of beverages that can impair the drinker. It should be noted that the word "sake" is used often in the One Piece series to refer to alcohol in general due to that being how the Japanese language works. However, as English has adopted "sake" into its lexicon to refer to nihonshu, it is actually a mistranslation to refer to all alcohol in the series as "sake", because in English, "sake" refers exclusively to "nihonshu", while often it is another form of alcohol being discussed.


Water is transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid. It's a vital substance to all forms of life.


Juice is a general name given for non-alchoholic drinks extracted from fruits and vegetables.


Cola is a type of beverage, presumably identical to real life cola, which is a sweet carbonated drink, usually with caramel coloring and containing caffeine.

People usually drink cola while watching special events or something along those lines. Sanji, for example, was complaining about the price of cola during the final event of the Davy Back Fight.

Cola is also an essential source of energy for the Straw Hat Shipwright, Franky. As a cyborg model "BF-36", Franky is able to store cola in a mini-fridge he has where his stomach would normally be, and he can store up to three bottles (6 liters) of cola. Depending on the amount of cola he has stored, his attacks can be a lot more powerful, and they are weaker when he has less cola; it is unknown if his new model "BF-37" is the same, though he still uses cola as power. The Straw Hats' ship, the Thousand Sunny, also uses cola for attacks and extreme maneuvers.


Coffee is a brewed drink made from coffee beans. It's commonly served hot.


Tea is an aromatic beverage usually made from hot water and tea plant.


Milk is liquid extracted from mammals such as cows. It can be served as a drink or as an ingredient for other dairy products such as cheese.


Milkshake is a type of cold beverage made from milk, ice cream, or iced milk with different flavorings to add to its texture.

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