The Magic Clima-Tact is the third and most recent upgraded form of Nami's bo-staff.
Magic Clima-Tact


Like the previous incarnations, it is a long, thin staff colored cyan that can split into three separate parts, and it is kept in a holster on Nami's belt. Unlike the Perfect Clima-Tact, this new weapon does not have any visible Dials protruding from it, and at its full length, it is taller than Nami.


Nami upgraded it during the two years she spent studying on Weatheria, incorporating the new technology and knowledge she gained there. Its new combat capabilities were first demonstrated when she arrived on Sabaody Archipelago, and used it on the Impostor Straw Hat Pirates, destroying the building they were in with one attack. She later used it during the Fishman Island Arc on lower ranked members of the New Fishman Pirates. She is also capable of combining these capabilities with her profound usage of Armament Haki for more sturdier effects.

Unlike the previous versions, this new Clima-Tact can also be used for regular daily uses too, such as taking showers and creating roads for travel. Furthermore, it allows Nami to create Sea Clouds that are able to survive on the Blue Sea.


  • ​Heat Ball: Produced from the "Heat Pole" when air is blown into the end of it, the Heat Ball is a red bubble of heated air that comes out of the other end of the pole and drifts along in the air. It heats up the temperature of the area surrounding it.
  • Cool Ball: Produced from the "Cool Pole" when air is blown into the end of it, the Cool Ball is a blue bubble of cold air that comes out of the other end of the pole and drifts along in the air. It cools down the temperature of the area surrounding it.
  • Thunder Ball: Produced from the "Electric Pole" when air is blown into the end of it, the Thunder Ball is a yellow bubble of electrified air that comes out of the other end of the pole and drifts along in the air. It electrifies the air of the area surrounding it.

Battle UsesEdit

  • Thunderbolt Tempo: Nami uses "Cool Ball" to make the air cooler while she uses "Heat Ball" to suck up the moisture. The heated air then rises and collides with the cold air. The air then condenses and creates a cloud. Nami continues to enlarge the cloud by producing more "Heat Balls" and "Cool Balls." Finally, she uses a "Thunder Ball" to electrify the cloud. Soon after, a large, powerful lightning bolt strikes one or multiple opponents. Unfortunately due to its increased range and power after its previous upgrade, the lightning strikes everything and everyone within its attack zone.
  • Cyclone Tempo: Nami puts the "Heat Pole" and "Cool Pole" together like an X on the top of the "Electric Pole". She swings it like a bat, and the X detaches from the "Electric Pole" spinning towards her opponent. When the X hits, the hot and cold airs collide and create a massive wind that'll blow her opponent away. The X will return to Nami like a boomerang.
  • Mirage Tempo: Nami use the "Cool Ball" in a dry and hot environment to change the air density and create a mirage of herself. The extreme difference in temperature causes major light refraction, allowing Nami to disappear and create an illusory copy of herself, or even cloak herself in a blanket of air to make herself invisible.
    • Mirage Tempo: Fattah Morgana: An upgraded version of the "Mirage Tempo" technique that creates multiple images of Nami using reflections and refractions within the air. The images that are created consist of a long and tall skinny version, a short or kid version, a fat version, a big, muscular version, and a relatively normal looking version of Nami. Only one of these images is the real Nami, however, it isn't necessarily the normal looking one. Each of these images is capable of moving in unison with the real Nami due to their reflective nature. Any attack Nami produces while surrounded by these images will also be replicated, creating a barrage of projectiles. Although only a few attacks are real, this tactic confuses even fast opponents into getting hit.
  • Tornado Tempo: The only function that Usopp apparently installed in the Clima-Tact to be used in battle and not devised by Nami. He explains that this attack can only be used once and should be used only when the situation calls for it. Nami first combines the three pieces together into a T. In a bright flash from each end, two clockwork doves burst out and ensnare her opponent. The T then starts to spin rapidly until it finally shoots the captured enemy with extreme centrifugal force. After that, the doves become unusable and the function cannot be used again unless they are reinstalled.
  • Thunder Charge: Nami creates a "Thunder Ball" on the ball end of a piece. With the "Thunder Ball" on the tip, she can then perform "Swing Arm".
    • Swing Arm: After charging the piece with electricity with Thunder Charge, Nami twirls the piece on its connecting socket with the rest of the staff. After several spins, she swings the electrified piece at the enemy for a powerful electric attack.
  • Cloudy Tempo: Nami creates a small cloud of producing rain made from Cool Balls.
    • Rain Tempo: Nami is able to create rain from an already existing cloud by creating Cool Balls and sending them into the cloud.
  • Dark Cloud Tempo: Nami forms a small, condensed, electrically charged cloud.
    • Thunder Lance Tempo: Using a cloud previously formed with Dark Cloud Tempo, Nami creates a lightning bolt going directly from the cloud to her Magic Clima-Tact. Any opponent, should they be in the path of the lightning bolt, would be pierced by the bolt like a lance and given extreme electrical damage to their body.
  • Gust Sword: Nami points one of the Clima-Tact pieces at an enemy and it emits a strong gust of wind, strong enough to send someone twice her size flying.
  • Black Ball: Raiun Rod (Black Ball: Thundercloud Rod): Nami makes a long chain of dark clouds come out of her Clima-Tact. She then swings the cloud chain around her, electrocuting anyone within range of it.
  • Thunder Trap: Nami creates three dark clouds, in what appears to be a triangular formation. When someone passes through the middle, the clouds electrocute it.
  • Heat Egg: Nami creates a small bubble on the tip of one of the three segments of her Clima-Tact. The bubble produces immense heat which can melt snow easily.
  • Milky Ball: Nami produces many giant balls made out of Sea Clouds which are able to survive on the Blue Sea. She then gathers up all of the balls and creates a wall with them, to hold back her opponent(s). This technique is similar to Milky Road and a technique she used against some New Fishman Pirates.
  • Weather Egg: Nami launches a large egg, which hatches to reveal a particular kind of weather.
    • Thunder Breed Tempo: After launching the egg at her opponent, she then commands it to hatch, calling it "Lightning-chan", which then releases a large thundercloud, similar to Eneru's Deathpiea ability, albeit on a smaller scale. After creating thunderclouds above her enemy, Nami can then take control of the lightning using her Clima-Tact, concentrating all of the lightning in the cloud into one blast and guiding it towards her opponent(s) to strike them down, making escape nearly impossible.
    • Rain Tempo: After the egg hatches and releases dark clouds, Nami calls down rain, affecting the temperature and humidity and creating fog and mist.

Other UsesEdit

  • Milky Road: Nami creates a path made out of Sea Clouds, which are able to survive on the Blue Sea unlike normal Sea Clouds.

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